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On-Line Graphic Design Schools


  1. The Art Institutes - graphic design degrees. Also offers a bachelor of science in advertising and associate degree in computer-aided-design.
  2. World Wide Learn - certificate programs from online graphic design schools.
  3. Sessions School of Design - offers dozens of individual courses in Graphic Design, Web Design, Multimedia, Digital Arts, and Business Marketing Design. In addition, they offer certificate programs in Graphic Design, Web Design, Multimedia, Digital Arts, and Business Marketing Design with concentrations available in advanced portfolio, corporate identity, digital photography, digital illustration, digital imaging, e-commerce, editorial design, typography, web design, flash, information design/usability, web coding, visual identity, and web business.
  4. Graphic Design Schools - Graphic Design Schools has partnered with world-wide recognized schools, colleges and universities to allow students to advance their education in the field of Graphic Design.
  5. On-Line Art School - Graphic Design Degree - Their art schools offer courses in graphic design visual communications, sculpting, commercial art school for advertising and graphic designers. Design wrapping paper, stationery, greeting cards, become a political artist and make cartoonists sketches, design video games or be a medical artist and sketch scientific illustrations, or design art for text books. Demand is up for law enforcement sketch artists.
  6. Gatlin Educational Services - Major colleges and universities offer this online graphic design Certificate Program, ideal for students looking to take their interest in art and turn it into an enjoyable and creative career. This training course begins with the fundamentals of graphic design and guides you through the terms and processes students use to turn knowledge into a career. The student will learn the rules of graphic design, as well as useful marketing strategies and information about art in the electronic age.
  7. Wanna Learn Graphic Design - provides a choice between online/campus graphic design schools for each state that offers programs in graphic design. Great resource!
  8. All Art Schools - a complete directory of all on-line art schools.
  9. a directory of over 640 graphic design schools and programs.