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Graphic Design Elements

The following sites will guide you through the basic elements of graphic design.

  1. Principles of Graphic Design - Covers the basics of graphic design. A great starting point for anyone.
  2. - Ideas, tips, and techniques for you to integrate into your own work.
  3. designpoint - this site gives plenty of examples of a variety of graphic design concepts.
  4. - This site was created to assist anyone in understanding the often confusing terms and ideas connected with printing and electronic media.
  5. Commart.comn - a fantastic magazine that offers insight on many areas in graphic design. The portfolio section is awesome, great ideas for all.
  6. About's Graphic Design site - a great site that has it all. ou can start with the basics, work through the general design tips, and then get down to the nitty-gritty with tips for designing ads, brochures, logos, newsletters, and Websites.
  7. Grantasticdesigns - provides a full glossary of graphic design terminology and plenty of tips.
  8. - A guide to graphic design includes information on color layout, design layout, different graphic design software, and tutorials using the different software.
  9. Web-Style guide - do not be mislead by the name, this site provides basic information about graphic design in an easy to navigate manual form.
  10. Understanding Functions of Illustrations - 9 aspects of using illustrations in print communication are provided here. Each explanation is concise but informative.
  11. AIGA- What is graphic design - a nice resource for upcoming graphic designers. This site from the AIGE provides an overview of a Graphic Designer. This explains how graphic designers work and the materials they use. It differentiates between image-based design and type-based design.
  12. Adobe Web Curriculum- Graphics Basics - gets you comfortable with graphic design concepts.
  13. Graphic Arts and Printing Career Guide - Explore careers in Graphic Arts with the following links to job descriptions, which include information such as daily activities, skill requirements, salary and training required.
  14. Graphics 101 - Detailed beginner's tutorial in creating online graphics.
  15. Art of Distortion - artfully distorting your graphics with effects and filters can rarely be the foundation of your design, but is often very important at the finishing stages. Learn the principles behind these transformations, how to choose the right one, and how to know when to abstain.